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SkyMode is an entirely new approach to mobile e-commerce that is proven to dramatically increase sales. With SkyMode, your business is empowered to seamlessly and securely transact with your customers via e-mail, text or social media using a simple one-touch interface. The SkyMode platform generates compelling data analytics and insights, allowing you to understand your customer purchasing patterns and make quick adjustments to optimize sales.

SkyMode is cartless commerce. By removing the shopping cart from the mobile e-commerce experience SkyMode eliminates path-to-purchase barriers while increasing purchase conversions. With SkyMode your business can create compelling offers and buying experiences that are designed for new purchasing behavior, so that when a customer makes the decision to purchase a product there are literally no more steps or barriers in the process.

SkyMode allows your customers to capitalize on the attractiveness and urgency of the offer allowing for transactions at the speed of thought. Seamless e-commerce.

There are no upfront costs and no integration fees. SkyMode charges a monthly subscription tied to processed transactions. As a software-as-a-service e-commerce platform, you can use SkyMode as much or as little as you’d like and may discontinue the service at any point.

SkyMode is a virtually risk-less selling mechanism providing your business with unlimited upside sales potential.

Yes, and there are no caveats or exceptions!

Whether your business is selling products or services, digital goods or physical goods, SkyMode will allow you to communicate that purchase opportunity to your customers across any digital medium and allow them to execute the purchase with one-touch from the mobile device.

Yes, SkyMode can function with any and all of your existing technology.

SkyMode’s cloud-based e-commerce platform functions alongside your existing technology infrastructure with the flexibility to act as a primary or alternative sales channel. You can keep your current systems--no conversions required. As part of the customer on-boarding process, your SkyMode account manager will ensure that all connections to your existing e-commerce or fulfillment management software, payment processor, and email delivery provider are functioning correctly and are able to ‘talk’ to one another. If one of your technology providers isn’t yet supported on the SkyMode platform, our development team will connect to that service provider free-of-charge.

If you’re just starting out and your business hasn’t established relationships with technology providers, SkyMode can recommend one of our preferred integration partners to help expedite the process.

Because we sit on top of your existing technology, Skymode integrates quickly. In certain cases, setup takes just weeks, sometimes even days. It typically takes a business a few weeks to be on-boarded, once an agreement is in place.

During the on-boarding process, the SkyMode team will ensure all your technology connections are functioning correctly. You’ll receive access to a demonstration account and training from which you’ll be able to better familiarize yourself with the platform. Prior to going-live, you will be able send and close test offers to ensure that your business’s branding meets your expectations.

Yes, SkyMode is incredibly safe.

Skymode employs bank-level security across the entire application. All data, stored and transmitted, is protected behind multiple layers of hardware and software-based encryption. Security personnel continuously monitor all traffic across our entire network infrastructure looking for malicious activity, and SkyMode partners with trusted third-party security experts to certify and monitor our security.

With SkyMode, your business isn’t just marketing to customers you are transacting with them upon first contact.

SkyMode is pioneering an entirely new e-commerce industry called transaction automation. We’ve collapsed the traditional purchase funnel eliminating the discrete, standalone steps and have combined the promotion and purchase into a single one-touch experience. Conversely, marketing automation is designed to automate and measure repetitive marketing tasks and workflows, mostly on the lead generation-side such as a promoting to customers.