SkyMode’s One Touch Offers® empowers retailers to dramatically increase sales by combining promotion and purchase in a frictionless mobile experience.

October 17, 2016 --- Seattle, WA --- SkyMode™, a revolutionary mobile e-commerce platform, emerges from stealth and announces that it has already surpassed $25 million in processed transactions. SkyMode is an entirely new approach to mobile e-commerce that empowers enterprises and retailers to seamlessly transact with their customers. This flexible and easy-to-implement technology platform enables the purchase of products with one touch on any mobile device with a retailer-branded, cross-platform mobile interface. SkyMode equips businesses with a secure, cloud-based software platform that delivers one-touch product offers via any digital medium, such as e-mail, social or text-message. SkyMode eliminates the traditional checkout cart, creating an easy and immediate buying experience that securely handles stored payment and delivery preferences for the customer.

Consumer purchasing behaviors online are evolving, and traditional retailers are struggling to adapt to the changing landscape, missing out on $200 billion annually. “We meet with many online businesses who develop fantastic products and curate a loyal following. SkyMode is here to empower those businesses to easily transact with that following, allowing their customers to purchase at any moment, and anywhere in the world, with a simple touch on their mobile device. Seamless.,” said Nicholas Howell, SkyMode’s Founder and CEO.

Enterprises partnering with SkyMode can access the platform’s rich feature-set, including:

  • A frictionless, white-labeled mobile ordering interface allowing businesses to set and control branding elements to ensure a consistent omnichannel message for their customers
  • An end-to-end selling experience that securely handles all payment and delivery preferences for the customer and offloads this burden from businesses
  • Actionable data analytics and insights to better understand customer behavior and purchasing data to more effectively sell to customers
  • A cloud-based platform that functions alongside a company’s existing e-commerce/ERP infrastructure allowing for quick integration and no required changes to current systems

SkyMode is not marketing automation or an optimized web store; it is an easy-to-integrate, mobile e-commerce solution providing a new sales channel and sales vertical for businesses. To learn more about SkyMode, or to schedule a product demo, visit

About SkyMode

SkyMode is an entirely new approach to mobile e-commerce that provides businesses with a powerful and flexible technology platform enabling customers to purchase products with one touch on a mobile device. As a cloud-based platform, SkyMode sits on top of existing technology allowing for quick integration and no changes to existing infrastructure. As a business-branded, white-label solution, companies can simply and securely leverage SkyMode’s cross-platform mobile ordering interface, allowing secure and immediate one-touch transactions.

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