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Follow you favorite brands, check out what other people are buying, collect rewards, share products and split the cost of purchases with your friends. 

Join the first 

social network

built for shoppers

Hang out & shop with your friends

The allyoop app is like a digital mall for you and your friends. Interact with brands, get rewards, share products and even split the cost of purchases.

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Profile pages allow you and your friends to share, like, and comment on products and offers. Follow your friends and never miss a #trending product.

Check out what your friends are buying

Window shop in your feed & share products

Your feed is like your personalized mall. It's filled with products and offers from your favorite brands. Share, like, comment, and buy right from your feed. 

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@megan415        your allyoop!
Pass the allyoop to @megan415
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Follow your favorite brands 

& receive special rewards


Follow, like, comment and share your favorite brands and they will reward your loyalty. Plus receive offers and rewards from other brands that are similar.

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How it works anchor
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Two friends

Two products

One checkout

Fill up your bag, share it with your friends then split the purchase with them. It's like you and your friends are filling up a shopping cart together. 

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Sweet, you and your friends each get 15% off
Invite five friends to this order to get 15% off
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Join the network for free

and be one of the first users on the platform

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