Our mission

​All merchants should have access to the best possible commerce tech.  All consumers should be able to buy easily and safely - with any device and on any channel and with any merchant.  Our mission is to provide this.


We seek to revolutionize digital commerce and to democratize trade. SkyMode is a cloud-based suite of merchant services, and at the core of these services is our unprecedented “Checkout” experience. SkyMode is going to unleash the most modern commerce technologies to every business in the world, arming them with best-of-breed consumer experience and liberating merchants to operate independent-of or alongside-of the Amazons our time – we will be a great equalizer.


By the way, we are based in Seattle, WA.

Leadership Team

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A seasoned, entrepreneurial team that embraces both business and technology

Nicholas Howell

Founder & CEO

Nicholas provides strategic technology vision and executive management for SkyMode. He has over 17 years of technology industry experience, operating in both business-oriented and full-stack engineering roles, spanning the fields of e-commerce, enterprise and infrastructure software, financial technology as well as professional advisory. Before entrepreneurship, Nicholas spent several years working in technology venture financial advisory in Silicon Valley.

Jason Maddocks

Director of Eng.

Jason leads engineering for SkyMode and is a seasoned, full-stack engineer with over 10 years of experience leading development teams and bringing enterprise software applications to market. He has been involved in e-commerce, financial technology, and entrepreneurship in his career, and has a wealth of experience from his time as a senior engineer at Amazon building consumer products and new AWS services.

Peter Murray


Peter has over 15 years of operational leadership experience, primarily in product development for high growth companies in the fields of e-commerce, enterprise software, and financial technology. Peter has held e-commerce consulting roles, leading strategic planning initiatives and managing organizational restructuring. Prior to entrepreneurship, Peter held leadership roles as an officer in the U.S. military.

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