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Fast & Safe Login.

Checkout in 1-Click.

The customer only has to have one device-secured profile for any merchant and across all sales channels. SkyID offloads the burden of “My Account” management from merchants. Oh and the customer never has to use a password – seriously.

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How we checkout

SkyCheckout allows your customers to create a cross-merchant profile called SkyID that stores their payment, delivery and buying preferences. Once the customer completes this one-time profile setup, they can use it for fast and safe checkout with any merchant that uses SkyMode.

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Customers create a SkyID profile to store payment, shipping and buying preferences.

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Going forward, the customer can place 1-click orders with any merchant running SkyCheckout.


No passwords, ever!

Passwords are exhausting, and sketchy. SkyMode strives to make the internet a safer place. Customers can access SkyCheckout with a 1-click login after they go through a one-time "device verification" process for each device they want to use.

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Ditch the password. The customer verifies their device one time with a code via email or text.

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Each device the customer has authorized can auto-login to SkyCheckout for 1-click ordering.

Know your customer

Our platform delivers the single most important information to merchants - knowledge of their customer.

At last, a merchant can provide a single cohesive customer experience across all of their sales channels, enabling them to fully understand and take action based on the customer journey.

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