Case Studies

See how SkyMode is unifying commerce for all retailers 

Started with SkyOffers, and expanded

to other SkyServices over time.

Visibility across all channels, across all brands.

4x’d digital revenue on SkyMode year-over-year for two years.


Digital revenue 

Precept wine is one of the largest private wine companies in the United States, operating a portfolio of over 35 different wine brands and subsidiaries. Precept has historically focused on wholesale distribution, but sought to expand its digital Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) operations and so it installed SkyMode technology in mid-2017. Precept especially benefits from the cross-merchant nature of SkyID in that they can view a single consumer journey across all of their brands, and combine their disparate brands in partnership. 

Bridged multiple sales channels & digital strategies together in one platform.

Migrating entire multi-million dollar business to run on the SkyMode platform.

Choose SkyMode to relive the pain of fragmented technologies.


Increase in engagment

Exposed Skin Care (“Exposed”) operates a purely digital Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) cosmetics business. Exposed sells product directly through its webstore, through a subscription program, and through outbound marketing efforts. While Exposed already employed a variety of sales channels, it felt the quintessential pain of having to run those channels on different technology platforms, which created a disjointed consumer experience and no single source of truth for customer journey across the sales channels. Exposed chose to deploy the entire SkyMode platform to solve this problem.

Deployed SkyPOS scannable QR codes for contactless preorder and self-service.

Digitized their physical foot traffic to know their customer and optimize.

Covid-19 accelerated the need for contactless ordering and self-service.


Heading 5

Dsquared is a premier catering and hospitality company in the Pacific Northwest, of which one of its signature clients is Benaroya Hall, the home of the Seattle Symphony. Dsquared sought out SkyMode to help reduce friction for onsite purchasing at Symphony events, as long lines waiting to interact with a human bartender created a poor customer experience. They deployed SkyPOS scannable QR codes for both pre-ordering and contactless on-site ordering by customers directly from their smartphones. This also allowed the Symphony to digitize their physical foot-traffic, laying the groundwork for customer loyalty rewards and recurring interactions.

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