Grow your business during this pandemic


With our contactless payment

point of sale solutions 

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Fast contactless checkout

with scannable QR codes.

Our platform allows you to create  scannable QR codes that allow your customers to make easy, self-service purchases by scanning a QR code and checking out with our  fast 1-click SkyCheckout.

This is becoming common practice in restaurants cafes and other venues during COVID -19 and it allows you to be innovative, follow health guidelines  and avoid missing out on valuable sales.

Customers can go from QR code

to checkout in seconds

The contactless checkout solution all merchants need during this pandemic. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself by scanning the QR code below. 

* This is a demo, no transactions will be processed

Digitize your foot-traffic and 

know who your customers

really are. 

Our platform delivers the single most important information to you as a merchant - knowledge of your customer. ​


Many bricks and mortar businesses serve 100’s of customers per week and aren’t able to collect any valuable data to better understand who their customers are the and type of people engaging with their products and services.


The valuable  data we collect allows you to optimize your advertising, your products and the provides you with the ability to tailor your service perfectly to your customers, wants needs and purchasing behavior. 


It takes the guesswork out of your business and allows you to increase your efficiency through operating on accurate data. 

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Retain your customers with personalized experiences.

Make customers feel like you understand them. Our platform allows you full action into their journey and give you actionable data. Learn when, where and what your customers like buying and create personalized offers for them. 

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Why bricks and mortar businesses need SkyPOS

Grow Your Business

Prevents you from missing out on valuable sales

Fast Contactless Checkout

Allows  you to operate in a safe and hygenic manner

Better Customer Data

Digitizes your foot traffic so that you know your customers


All the tools you need in one platform


+ 2% of processed transactions




1-Click SkyCheckout


3 months of support


+ 1.5% of processed transactions




1-Click SkyCheckout


3 months of support

Tailored Pricing
Customizable with proven ROI for high-volume merchants*

Access to our entire platform

Unlimited new customer signups

Unlimited emails/month

Unlimited staff accounts

Dedicated account representative

Dedicated account representative

Dedicated implementation specialist


Do you want to set yourself up for success and thrive throughout these uncertain times? 

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