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With our fast, secure  1-click checkout

Rapidly increase your conversions by allowing your customers to checkout in seconds

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Reduce checkout friction

and increase your sales

Research has shown that in the fast paced environment we live in,  the repetitive process of a customer having to fill out their details every time they order from you can result in lost orders, abandoned carts and lost revenue for your business. 

With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase.

SkyCheckout allows your customers to create a secure SkyID that stores their payment, delivery and buying preferences. Once the customer completes this one-time profile setup, they can now checkout in seconds on your store with just one-click.

With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase

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No passwords, ever!

Passwords are exhausting. They also add to checkout friction. If a customer can’t remember or retrieve their password this will lead to a lost sale or another abandoned cart.


Customers can access SkyCheckout with a 1-click login after they go through a one-time "device verification" process for each device they want to use.

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Ditch the password. The customer verifies their device one time with a code via email or text.

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Each device the customer has authorized can auto-login to SkyCheckout for 1-click ordering.

Customized checkout so you can promote your brand across every stage of the checkout

It’s important to maintain brand consistency throughout the buying experience.Unlike other platforms, our engineering team can customize our 1-click checkout to match your brand and your site and create a streamlined, branded experience for your customers.

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Know your customer

Our platform delivers the single most important information to merchants - knowledge of their customer. ​


At last, a merchant can provide a single cohesive customer experience across all of their sales channels, enabling them to fully understand and take action based on the customer journey.

Ongoing optimization, development & experimentation

When you partner with Skymode you gain  access to our team of innovative engineers, designers, and data scientists that are constantly testing and optimizing your store checkout to improve the buying experience on your site.


We leverage the data we collect from your store and our network of merchants and work to ensure that that we are always evolving and constantly updating the technology on your store to deliver a lightning fast checkout experience and to also ensure that your user experience meets the ever changing needs of your online shoppers and target market. 


Simple pricing that works for you

We leave the complicated pricing and frustrating add-on charges to other vendors. We built our pricing with merchants in mind and offer you the tools you need for $59!

Custom Checkout
Outbound Offers
1-Click Checkout
Contactless POS

+ up to 2% of processed transactions

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Do you want to increase your conversions and provide a better checkout experience for your customers?

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